Eyease are specialty eyeglasses specifically designed for people who must look at computer monitors during their work daily. Eyease significantly reduce digital eyestrain that staring into LED monitors causes.

computer eyestrain eyewear

My name is Jeff Bowers, I am the Eyease inventor. I typically spend 10 to 12 hours daily behind my computer monitor editing video clips and designing marketing campaigns for my clients.

After several years I began to realize that my eyes felt not only fatigued, but “burned” at the end of the work day. I also noticed that I was squinting at my monitor.

reduce computer eyestrain eyewear

I tried several glasses designed for computer users but they gave me migraine headaches and did nothing to ease the eyestrain I was experiencing. Some featured yellow lenses, others had orange lenses but they failed to help and even worse, they degraded my ability to see colors correctly. After speaking with other media professionals, website designers and data processors who were experiencing the same issues I knew I had to find a solution. So I spoke with Ed Kleinman, one of Atlanta’s most respected and experienced opticians.

After researching the type of light that the latest LED monitors as well as those with IPS emit Ed created a prototype which began with Serengeti lenses and included several special coatings which filter out harsh light and glare. I knew the minute I first put the glasses on in front of my computer monitor that Ed had done it! But what was truly amazing was that I didn’t realize how great they really were until I took them off and my monitor made me squint my eyes.

Eyease have now been thoroughly tested over the past six months by data processors, website content writers, website designers and video editors. The reviews have been superb across the board.

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